Bass Lake Road Ongoing Closures From Madera Way To 25 MPH Curve September Through December 2020

El Dorado County issued a Road Work Alert Update today, September 17th, that is dated on August 25, 2020. Expect to encounter temporary lane closures on Bass Lake Road between Madera Way (the Woodridge village entrance) and the 25mph curve on Bass Lake Road (Sandhurst Hill Rd) from September through December.

The El Dorado County Department of Transportation indicated in a message to the Bass Lake Action Committee on August 31st that temporary road closures on Bass Lake Road were possible, but were not expected to be frequent, or of long duration:

Construction will start in full on Tuesday, September 8.  At this point, Granite Construction does not see a need to implement reversing controls on Bass Lake Road on a regular basis during the rest of the 2020 construction season.  Most of the 2020 work will take place off road, north of the 25 mph curve in the woods between the curve and current southerly terminus of Silver Springs.  There will be reversing controls on Bass Lake from time to time, but it won’t be for weeks on end or anything like that.

The Bass Lake Action Committee would also remind motorists to exercise caution when traveling through the construction area, as well as to plan extra time for trips, in the event that construction activities require temporary lane closures.

Additionally – with the construction activities, there has been an observed increase in deer activity along Bass Lake Road near Magnolia Hills Drive – the greenbelt at the entrance to The Hills Of El Dorado village. Multiple deer (- and turkeys!) have been seen in all hours, morning and night, running across Bass Lake Road from the Greenbelt in this area between Tea Rose Drive/Tea Rose Court and Alyssum Circle. With the wildlife increasingly in the middle of Bass Lake Road during these activities we urge drivers to proceed with caution.

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