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Mather Airport Watch Website
Information concerning the impact of the Mather Airport Cargo Operation on the surrounding communities.

Mountain Democrat 20 August 2014
Sacramento Board OKs Mather’s 20-year plan

Sacramento Bee 5 November 2008
Sac County OKs emergency flood plan for Sacramento Airport

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 19 August 2008
Cargo planes still fly out of Mather Airport, some residents want flight ban

Sacramento Bee 14 December 2007
El Dorado supes want Mather to address plane noise

Sacramento Bee 29 November 2007
El Dorado County official upset by low-flying planes

Sacramento Bee 21 November 2007
Folsom sues county over Mather cargo-plane pact

Sacramento Bee 12 October 2007
Residents speak out about airport noise

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 15 May 2007
Residents worry about cargo flights’ impact south of 50

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 26 April 2006
General Plan workshop looks at Mather

Sacramento Bee 29 January 2006
Boost in Mather flights expected

Sacramento Bee 24 November 2005
Little merriment over more flights at Mather

Sacramento Bee 10 November 2005
Revved up over flight noise

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 26 April 2005
Mather growth plans incite mayor

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 30 November 2004
Mather trumpets noise abatement

Sacramento Bee 30 May 2004
FAA drops Mather night flight test

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 25 May 2004
Upgrade of Mather instrument landing system may effect noise

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 30 March 2004
Airport roundtable takes off

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 21 January 2004
Web site covers Mather Field noise issue

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 24 December 2003
Complaints flying over Mather

Sacramento Bee 14 December 2003
Runway talks put Mather Airport’s draft master plan on hold

Sacramento Bee 7 December 2003
Mather runway debate continues

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 12 November 2003
Mather air testing ends

Sacramento Area Air Traffic Noise
Learn about efforts to address aircraft noise concerns

Sacramento Bee 19 October 2003
Mather test noise issue is up in air

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 1 October 2003
Mather noise testing focus of public hearings

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 10 September 2003
Dupray calls for end to Mather Air test flights

Sacramento Bee, 11 Aug 2003
Altered Mather flight path assailed

Sacramento Bee, 1 Aug 2003
South route tests Mather jet noise

No Flights South of 50!!
Call to action regarding the ILS Approach to Mather Field Airport