Asbestos on the Western Slope of El Dorado County

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EPA Testing El Dorado Hills Naturally Occurring Asbestos Multimedia Exposure Assessment
EPA Response Dated December 2005
EPA Asbestos Assessment for El Dorado Hills (6 pages) Dated May 2005
EPA Quality Assurance Project Plan (60 pages) Dated September 2004

R.J. Lee Group Critique of the El Dorado Hills NOA Study
R.J. Lee Group – Evaluation of EPA’s Analytical Data from the El Dorado Hills Asbestos Evaluation Project (79 pages) Dated November 2005

Activity Based Outdoor Air Sampling, Field Sampling Plans
Community Park and Schools (76 pages) Dated September 2004
Community Park Children’s Playground (24 pages) Dated September 2004

Fixed Ambient Air Sampling Field Sampling Plan
Outdoor Reference (33 pages) Dated September 2004

Soil Sampling Field Sampling Plan
Community Park, Schools and Public Areas (52 pages) Dated September 2004

Figures and Attachments
Figure 1-2 Site Locations Dated September 2004
Figure 2-1 Scenario Location Map Dated September 2004
Figure 2-2 Sampling Map Dated September 2004
Appendix F – Reference Levels Dated September 2004

Media Coverage

Sacramento Bee 5 April 2010 El Dorado Hills asbestos levels don’t warrant full-scale study, U.S. report says

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El Dorado Hills Telegraph 28 December 2006 New asbestos report refutes industry study

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Mountain Democrat 26 December 2006 New Fed asbestos study fails to end El Dorado

Sacramento Bee 20 December 2006 Asbestos fears are justified

Sacramento Bee 7 November 2006 Asbestos dust case settled in El Dorado

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Sacramento Bee 2 April 2006 El Dorado – Foothills asbestos risk doubted

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El Dorado Hills Telegraph 10 January 2006 El Dorado Hills asbestos levels contradicted

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Mountain Democrat 19 December 2005 El Dorado County delegation talks asbestos in Washington

Sacramento Bee 23 October 2005 El Dorado amends some asbestos and dust regulations

Sacramento Bee 23 July 2005 El Dorado asbestos rules OK’d

Sacramento Bee 28 June 2005 Study cites asbestos impact

Sacramento Bee 28 June 2005 Asbestos raises red flags in state

Sacramento Bee 26 June 2005 Asbestos hotline takes on dust calls

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 31 May 2005 County announces new NOA enforcement

Sacramento Bee 23 May 2005 Politics, asbestos mix in foothills

Sacramento Bee 15 May 2005 Balancing fear, hope in foothills

Sacramento Bee 3 May 2005 Asbestos study brings adjustments

Sacramento Bee 2 May 2005 Asbestos worries widen in foothills

Sacramento Bee 19 April 2005 School faces asbestos warning

Sacramento Bee 5 April 2005 Bill spotlights natural asbestos

Sacramento Bee 21 March 2005 Asbestos testing may get personal

Sacramento Bee 20 March 2005 Asbestos test results set for April release

Village Life 8 December 2004 Asbestos worries remain in EDH

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 1 September 2004 Clearing air over asbestos

Sacramento Bee 29 August 2004 Asbestos exposure found in El Dorado pets

Journal of Environmental Health

When Science Crosses Politics, I: The Case of Naturally Occurring Asbestos (9 pages) Published June 2004

Letters to the Editor regarding The Case of Naturally Occurring Asbestos Published October 2004

Mountain Democrat 26 February 2004 Mineral mayhem – The story of asbestos in El Dorado County

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