Western Slope Links 2005

2005 – Other Issues on the Western Slope of El Dorado County

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 27 December 2005
El Dorado County trudges along with transportation

Sacramento Bee 25 December 2005
El Dorado no longer a ‘gray’ area

Sacramento Bee 8 December 2005
Shopping center hearing is set

Sacramento Bee 24 November 2005
School boundary plan stirs anxiety

Sacramento Bee 20 November 2005
El Dorado tackles Hwy. 50 interchanges

Sacramento Bee 20 November 2005
State cites El Dorado water system

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 9 November 2005
Coalition takes on boundaries

Sacramento Bee 9 November 2005
Some El Dorado Hills residents call cityhood quest premature

Village Life 9 November 2005
EDH voters say no to cityhood

Sacramento Bee 9 November 2005
El Dorado Hills cityhood bid falters

Sacramento Bee 3 November 2005
El Dorado – Cityhood critics open wallets

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 1 November 2005
Who has got the answer for EDH?

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 25 October 2005
City Council candidates offer position statements

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 25 October 2005
What’s behind Measure P

Sacramento Bee 23 October 2005
El Dorado – Fire board fans flames

Sacramento Bee 20 October 2005
El Dorado – Hopefuls compete for first council seats

Sacramento Bee 19 October 2005
Editorial: City on a hill – For El Dorado Hills, Yes on Measure P

Sacramento Bee 16 October 2005
19 vying for El Dorado Hills council

Sacramento Bee 15 October 2005
Drive for city down to wire

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 11 October 2005
Candidates line up for future city council seats

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 20 September 2005
County’s hard work on General Plan will prevail

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 20 September 2005
CSD supports incorporation

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 31 August 2005
CSD eyes alternative energy

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 17 August 2005
Many hopefuls run for council

El Dorado County – LAFCO 27 July 2005
Impartial Analysis – Measure P

Sacramento Bee 17 July 2005
El Dorado Hills to vote on city

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 5 July 2005
Motorists find relief with extension

Sacramento Bee 22 May 2005
Cityhood deadline Friday

Sacramento Bee 1 May 2005
El Dorado moves to fix battered roads

Sacramento Bee 24 April 2005
Proposed boundaries of new city in dispute

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 12 April 2005
Incorporation explored anew

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 22 March 2005
Incorporation effort viable for new city

Sacramento Bee 20 March 2005
Asbestos test results set for April release

Sacramento Bee 19 March 2005
El Dorado Hills’ city plan gets lift

Mountain Democrat 28 Feb 2005
Cars per day highest in El Dorado Hills

Sacramento Bee 26 February 2005
Spending spree on El Dorado measures

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 22 Feb 2005
Following the Plan

Mountain Democrat 7 Feb 2005
The General Plan: Costly any way it’s sliced

Mountain Democrat 4 Feb 2005
Folsom Dam bridge expected to be done by 2007

Mountain Democrat 3 Feb 2005
Green Valley Rd. to become four lanes from EDH west

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 5 Jan 2005
Rural living vs. urban growth