Construction Of Silver Springs Parkway Connection To Bass Lake Road Begins September 3 2020

Initial activities include one way traffic controls

Construction of the long planned Southern connection of Silver Springs Parkway to Bass Lake Road at the 25 MPH curve between Madera Way and Magnolia Hills Drive is set to begin on Thursday September 3rd.

The northern segment of Silver Springs Parkway was constructed in 2014. It comes in at just 500 feet short of a mile. The project has been known as the “new Bass Lake Road” as far back as the late 1980s and into the mid 1990s. It is a road segment that connects Bass Lake Road, north to Green Valley Road, just to the east of Pleasant Grove Middle School in Rescue. Silver Springs Parkway will serve the 234 home Silver Springs residential development, with it’s initial subdivision, REVERE, under construction now. The 2014 Project constructed the northern segment of Silver Springs Parkway, including a traffic signal at the Silver Springs Parkway – Green Valley Road intersection, and also improved the (western) Deer Valley Road – Green Valley Road intersection with turn pockets and left turn lanes.

Google Satellite view Silver Springs Parkway Northern Segment

El Dorado County Department of Transportation Details

The El Dorado County Department of Transportation provided the following details about the construction timelines, and possible impacts for motorists on Bass Lake Road.

There will be reversing controls (alternating one-way traffic) on Bass Lake Road on Thursday, September 3.  Granite Construction will be performing small excavations to positively determine the locations of some EID underground facilities prior to the start of construction. 

Construction will start in full on Tuesday, September 8.  At this point, Granite Construction does not see a need to implement reversing controls on Bass Lake Road on a regular basis during the rest of the 2020 construction season.  Most of the 2020 work will take place off road, north of the 25 mph curve in the woods between the curve and current southerly terminus of Silver Springs.  There will be reversing controls on Bass Lake from time to time, but it won’t be for weeks on end or anything like that.

In spring 2021, we will be closing Bass Lake between Magnolia Hills and Madera for a couple of months to reconstruct Bass Lake Road just east of the Bass Lake/Silver Springs intersection.  The County’s posted detour will send traffic to Green Valley and Silver Springs (which will then be open from Green Valley Road to Bass Lake Road).  This presumes, of course, that Granite Construction is successful in completing the work they have planned for 2020 without utility relocation delays or non-climatic weather delays.

Silver Springs Parkway – Bass Lake Road, Spring 2021 Detour Plan – Bass Lake Road CLOSED at Madera Way in the south, and at Magnolia Hills Drive in the north.

Safety And Circulation Improvements Will Finally Arrive For Area Residents

When completed, the planned Silver Springs Parkway – Bass Lake Road intersection will be a three-way stop, controlled with stop signs. Motorists traveling north on Bass Lake Road that wish to continue on Bass Lake Road towards Magnolia Hills Drive, Woodleigh Lane, Gateway Drive, Parkdale Lane, Green Valley Elementary School, and Foxmore Lane, will need to complete a right turn movement in the newly constructed right turn lane at the new intersection. Likewise, motorists traveling south on Bass Lake road approaching the new intersection, will need to complete either a left turn to continue south on Bass Lake Road, or a right turn to proceed north on Silver Springs Parkway.

Included in designs presented at a Bass Lake Action Committee Meeting in September 2017 are a right turn pocket on northbound Bass Lake Road onto Madera Way. The Design images also suggest a four-foot bicycle lane from Madera Way north to Silver Springs Parkway. Included in these drawings are what appear to be partial sidewalks at the new intersection. The Northern Section of Silver Springs Parkway has bicycle lanes and sidewalks on both the west and east sides of the roadway. The Southern extension is expected to continue the bicycle and sidewalk facilities.

Detail of designs presented at a Bass Lake Action Committee in September 2017
Close up of lane configurations of the new Bass Lake Road – Silver Springs Parkway Intersection as presented at the September 2017 Bass Lake Action Committee Meeting. Designs suggest a 4 foot bicycle lane on either side of Bass Lake Road (partial) and a small section of sidewalk from Madera Way north to Silver Springs Parkway.
Design includes a right turn pocket on Bass Lake Road to Madera Way

Project Costs Over Time Have Only Grown

The Southern Extension of Silver Springs Parkway project was listed in the 2010 El Dorado County Capital Improvement Program (CIP) as a $6.374 Million project. In subsequent years the project costs have grown – exploding to an $11.478 Million project in the 2020 El Dorado County Capital Improvement Program.

YEAREl Dorado CIP Projected Costs Silver Springs Parkway South Segment Project 76108 / 36105039
Data from the El Dorado County Capital Improvement Program Books – 2010 – 2020
Image courtesy of the El Dorado County Capital Improvement Program Western Slope Book (page 103/145)

2 thoughts on “Construction Of Silver Springs Parkway Connection To Bass Lake Road Begins September 3 2020”

  1. Hi John, who should I contact to inquire about sidewalks being contructed on Silver Springs Parkway? Currently they do not extend along Bass Lake Road to Serrano Parkway which makes safely travelling by bike with my kids difficult.

  2. Sidewalks on Silver Springs Pkwy have been planned since the late 1980s – all road improvement projects for Bass Lake Road north of Serrano Parkway were removed from the County’s 20 year Capital Improvement Plan in 2016, as the Planning Department, and the County Transportation Department have determined that planned growth along Bass Lake Road north of Serrano Pkwy will not result in a need for a four lane alignment, or for road frontage improvements. The Serrano Village J6, and J7 developments were approved between 2017 and 2020 with the requirement for frontage improvements removed (curbs, sidewalks, bike lanes), and replaced with requiring the developer to just a write a check (in 2017 and 2020 dollars) for future frontage improvements in undefined years – where the 2017 and 2020 dollar amounts will do very little in actual frontage improvements .

    The Capacity of Bass Lake Road (which County planners have determined is adequate for more than the next 20 years), along with safety and pedestrian access features along Bass Lake Road from Serrano Parkway to Green Valley Road has been the crux of residents concerns for more than 25 years. County staff have determined that Bass Lake Road is adequate as-is beyond the timeline of the existing County General Plan.

    The El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC – which is not an agency of the County Government) has a 2020 Active Transporation Plan (Pedestrian and bicycle) that has planned for a Class 1 mixed use bike and pedestrian path on the Bass Lake Property from Silver Springs Pkwy to Serrano Pkwy – but there is no funding identified for the project. The El Dorado Hills CSD has plans to provide this pathway in their development plans for the Bass Lake Regional Park – which will be developed in phases over 10 -20 years, and is still awaiting final design and environmental approvals.

    In their 2020 Active Transportation Plan, EDCTC also has a plan for a Class 2 Bike lane on the south and east sides of Bass Lake Road from Serrano Pkwy north to Green Valley Road – again, no funding sources have been identified.

    Direct you concerns regarding the lack of pedestrian and bicycle facilities to the El Dorado County Department of Transportation:
    General Information (530) 621-5900
    Rafael Martinez, Director
    Road Maintenance
    Email: [email protected]
    (530) 642-4909
    2441 Headington Road
    Placerville, CA 95667
    Development, Right of Way, and Environmental
    (530) 621-5941
    2850 Fairlane Court
    Placerville, CA 95667

    Also cc the office of the Elected District 1 Supervisor –
    330 Fair Lane
    Placerville, CA 95667
    [email protected]
    Phone: (530) 621-5650
    From El Dorado Hills: (916) 358-3555 Ext 5650

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