The Bass Lake Action Committee was formed by a group of concerned homeowners from the communities immediately adjoining the proposed Bass Lake Regional Park in El Dorado Hills, CA. We want to participate in the shaping of the new Regional Park and ensure the improvement of Bass Lake Road before or concurrent with the development of the park. Our group is made up of a representative cross section of the residents of Sierra Crossing, The Hills of El Dorado, Woodleigh Lane, Woodridge, Bridlewood Canyon and Green Springs Ranch who will be most impacted by the design of the proposed Park and its effect on the immediate neighborhoods and roads.

As we have passed out flyers and let people know what is developing with the proposed park, we have noticed recurring themes. Most residents acknowledge there is a need for youth oriented baseball and soccer fields for daytime play. Low impact additions such as trails, picnic areas, and nature observation areas are also elements that are desirable. They want a park to enhance the quality of life rather than be a nuisance that impinges on residents’ quiet enjoyment of their property. They want to be able to access the park safely, which requires the Bass Lake Road issues to be addressed.

Bass Lake Action Committee issued a Press release on 5th September 2003, restating it’s support for the Regional Park and highlighting the key concerns. Click here to view the Press Release. The proposed Regional Park is still an open item with the County Parks Department, but is not currently an active project.

Bass Lake Action Committee has published a monthly news sheet, the Bass Lake Bulletin, as part of its mission to keep local residents informed. The Bulletin is usually published 7 to 10 days after the regular BLAC monthly meeting, which is held the first non-holiday Monday of each month. Back copies of the Bulletin are available on the Bass Lake References page.

Bass Lake Action Committee has now incorporated as a Non-profit organization, officially as a 501(C)(4) corporation. For 2023, the group board of directors are: President, John Davey; Vice President, Ron Cassity; Secretary, Jan Buxton.  As a non-profit, BLAC can accept contributions from those who wish to donate. If you are interested in supporting Bass Lake Action Committee in their mission, please contact BLAC by visiting our Contact Page.

For further information about Bass Lake Action Committee or to be placed on our mailing list, please visit our Contact Page.


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